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Girls, Girsl, Girls

11.04.07 - Lots of months are gone since last update and I still didn't paint any new buildings :) But I've got some time to paint some Old West miniatures again, the beautiful Black Scorpion girls. No promises more to paint anything for this site soon, there are too many other projects but be sure I will be back in Witchtown again and again, from time to time.

Today updates - Bad Girls


25.07.06 - Today is the Dixon Day! Especially some Dixon's civilians and victims. We have a gambler, a barkeeper, a singer, a photographer etc. The new preacher Father Jacob is arrived in Witchtown after the too early death of the Father Louis (God bless his soul!). Our sheriff got reinforcement (not before time!), the undertaker got the first dead body (nobody lives for ever!) and some robbers have been seen leaving the gunsmith shop(what a cheek!)

Today updates - More Townspeople, Robbers, New Deputy, More Victims, New Preacher

Sorry, no new buildings today. But next time for sure!

Outlaws - The Dusters Gang

18.06.06 - A new week and a new update! Two buildings, two civilians and a gang. The outlaws are coming to Witchtown, the infamous gang, they call himself "The Dusters" and they are headed by the dreaded Brandon "Doom" Henderson, an old gunslinger. Where is the Woman's Committeee?!?...

Today updates - Dry Goods, Clapboard House, The Dusters, More Townspeople

Witchtown on 18.06.06

Clapboard House
Dry Goods
Sheriff & Deputies
Mini Comparison

11.06.06 - Witchtown is growing rapidly, and becoming more diverse. What's the news? Hm... What is a city without a saloon? For me, it's a city that I don't want to be a part of. And what is a saloon without girls. It's a saloon that i don't want to set foot in. OK, no problem!
Today updates - Saloon, Sheriff with Deputies, Girls, Hired Guns and Mini Comparison

Witchtown on 11.06.06

Hired Guns
Pinkerton Men

04.06.06 - Hello! The third update on this site and I'm glad to say that my Old West motivation is keeping high still. That means, we will see in future many new figures and buildings. BTW, I've finished my desert gaming table, from now on you will see the sand ground on the pics.
Today updates - Gunsmith buidling, Mounted Ladies, Victims, Pinkerton Men, Gunslinger, Townspeople

Witchtown on 04.06.06

Mounted Ladies
Girl with a gun

27.05.06 - Witchtown is happy to welcome you here and glad to have you as visitor! I have a lot of new pics for you. Here the Aunt's Victoria Woman's Committee of Witchtown, a citizens' group of brave women, ready to defend the city and the law. My first complete posse and I hope I'll play with it still this year...(how said, i'm not a big gamer, far from it, but that Old West rule book has me hooked).

The new building was erected - Livery Stable. Not bevore time, really, next week i'll bring some mounted models and then the horses are kept in stable. And finally some new citizens in the Townspeople gallery - a doctor, a ex-circus artist and just a citizen with a hat

Livery Stable
Woman with an ax
Man with an ape
Have a drink, Cowboy!
Gold Diggers

20.05.06 - Welcome to the Witchtown, my online Old West miniatures project. Witchtown is an imaginary town in the Wild West of the 1880s, you will find there cowboys and indians, lawmens and desperadoes, outlaws and trappers, soldiers and civilians. The town isn't very big but i hope it will be having all what you need. What do need a little Wild West city? A saloon (of course!). An undertaker maybe (always a good business). Gunsmith (yeah, bang, bang!). A bank would be nice (something for robbers). And lots of other things. No problem! All the stuff is already here, on my desk/shelves or in my cellar. Hunderts of tiny lead guys and girls, dozens of buildings, all the pieces wait to be painted. And i am really ready to start. Come on!

The design of this site is not really finished yet and some of my ideas didn't make it into this final version. It's more a concept. This layout is one of the basic layouts and I will change it for sure. Right now, I am too busy painting the minis and buildings even this update is done during few hours. But i know for certain Witchtown Tales won't be another Back of Beyond Times :-) It will be different. More a story of a city and its inhabitants.

But enough talked. Here some pics. Some of the painting jobs are older, especially the Grizzly Hunters and the Gold Diggers. I've removed them from witchhunter.net to here. But a lot of new stuff too - Townspeople, Have a drink, Desperadoes, Traders, a Preacher and finally the General Store of Witchtown.

Next week a lot of new stuff. The first new posse will be released, lots of townspeople and few buildings. So long!

BTW, any comments and suggestions about the future layout of Witchtown Tales or anything else are very welcome!

General Store
Grizzly Hunters

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